word finding

One of the most common complaints of our members is that when naming, they know what they want to say but can’t say it or incorrectly name it. We have many programs that address that issue but one of the best is Visual Confrontation Naming which is in the Word Recall Category on the Professional side or on the Individual side by choosing Word Recall Level 2.

This program can be used by typing text or if you have Google Chrome and a microphone it will recognize what you say. The goal of this program is to teach a strategy for recalling the names of words. It provides four cues to help the user bring forth the missing word. The cues are: first letter, description, sentence, and choice. We want the user to try these strategies when confronting word finding in normal everyday life. Caregivers can help the member when he/she confronts a roadblock by asking questions like:

Can you think of the first letter? In the beginning the caregiver may even provide the first letter.

Please describe if for me? In the beginning the caregiver may provide the description, e.g. This is a breakfast food often served with ham and toast.

Try to describe it. Can you tell me what a chicken does? A chicken lays …

When you think of this word, what other words do you think of? Is it toast, ham, or eggs?