What is an aphasia app?

An Aphasia App is an application downloaded by a user to a mobile device with the goal of improving a skill like naming objects. Aphasia apps usually provide one methodology for improving each skill. They generally cost between $10.00 and $50.00 each.

The Case Against Using Aphasia Apps

The main problem with Aphasia apps is that they usually provide only one methodology for improving skills. The reason that is a problem is that we all learn differently. We all have strengths and weaknesses and have better success with some methods of learning while other methods we find frustrating.

If we happen to purchase an app that is based on a method that is frustrating, then we have wasted our time and money.

When you see the price of an Aphasia app, you may think that it is a bargain. “Oh, I can get better for only $19.95.”. But the truth is that people with aphasia often need help in many areas and one app is not going to do it. You will find that you need several apps and there might not even be apps available for your specific problems.

Furthermore, most people with aphasia should not be using apps downloaded to their phone. Since phones have small screens, they complicate the app and are often difficult to see.

If Single Aphasia Apps Have Problems, What Is the Solution?

The solution is a subscription to Parrot Software’s on-line aphasia treatment programs. There are currently 95 different apps to choose from. If you want more information about each app, click¬†here.

If you want to work on one particular skill, you will find 10-15 different methods of reaching your goal. Our apps not only work on tablets and phones (although we don’t recommend using them of phones), they also work on Microsoft and Apple computers. And, you can access our programs on any of these devices at any time. We also help you select the programs you need either by using tools built into our programs or calling our toll-free phone number (800-PARROT-1 or 800-727-7681).

If you haven’t already, give our apps a try by clicking¬†here. If you already signed up and would like another free trial, email us (support@parrotsoftware.com) and we will re-activate your free trial.