Purchase Software or sign up for a Subscription

We are often asked if it is better to purchase software or subscribe. Here is information that will help you answer that question.

Home Users

For home users it it much more economical to subscribe to our Internet programs.  Programs generally sell for $100 each.  If you purchase 50 different programs, the cost would be about $5,000.00.  With the Internet Subscription, you pay only $24.95 per month for access to 77 different programs.  Also, as users improve, some programs become too easy.  As you progress, lower level programs become too easy for you and are no longer useful.

Treatment Providers

For treatment providers the decision is not clear cut.  The Internet Subscription is easier to setup on a networked computer.  In most cases we can do that without the help of your tech staff.  But the options available in the desktop software programs are much richer than the Internet based programs.  As for cost, the initial outlay is greater for desktop software than for the Internet Subscription.  However, the Internet Subscription has a yearly renewal.