Answers to Questions about Aphasia and Brain Injury


Q: What are the requirements to run your software?
A: Our Internet Subscription will work in both Windows and Mac environments. Our programs for purchase require a Windows environment and we suggest at least 512 MB of RAM

Q: I understand that you have programs that recognize speech. Do I need special hardware or devices to use those programs?
A: Other than 512 MB of RAM, a low noise unidirectional microphone, and speakers there are no other requirements.
Q: Your Internet Subscription is $24.95 per month. Do I have to sign a contract for a minimum number of months?
A: No. You can cancel your Cognitive Reasoning, Word Recall, Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Memory, Attention, and Functional Skills parrot software subscription at any time.

Q: I noticed that when I tried to sign-up, the only option was for credit cards. Do you also accept checks?
A: Yes, we will send you an invoice. For payment by check, we ask that you pay in three-month increments. If you cancel before the three months are up, we will issue a refund.

Q: Is there any way we can trial your software?
A: We have a couple of options. You can click the Programs on CD option to the right and download our demo programs, you can try programs using our Internet Subscription free trial, or you can purchase programs and return them within 30 fays if they are not appropriate.