Benefits to people with aphasia and brain injury

Benefits to people with aphasia and brain injury



Parrot Software is designed to help in the rehabilitation and re-learning of key speech, language, memory and motor skills related to:

  • Aphasia
  • Stroke
  • brain injury
  • Closed Head Injury
  • Dysphasia

Parrot Software also supports these specific conditions:

  • Cognitive Reasoning
  • Functional Skills
  • Memory and Attention
  • Reading
  • Speech and Language
  • Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Word Recall

If you are a Speech Language Pathologist,Occupational Therapist, Treatment provider, Neuropsychologist,  health provider, caretaker, or know of someone suffering from deteriorating speech and memory, Parrot Software can help you and your loved ones regain their lost skills. Please contact us to see what products can help you, or take this test to automatically find program recommendations.